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4 Deep Muzik ,’ officially established early February 2010, originated amongst eight friends from Delaware and New Jersey: Alfred Campbell, Nate & Katrell Barbary, Jason Thompkins, Jameel Suddler, Jamal Harrell, James Pannell, and Chaz Smith . Despite their recent start, they have known each other and more importantly, have been making music together for over ten years. The concept of the name ‘ 4 Deep means that you have four of the closest members, excluding yourself; implying that they are supportive of each other’s endeavors while being responsible for each member’s individuality. 4 Deep ’ is making a statement to prove they are not just another entertainment group, but
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Unformatted text preview: Hip-Hop artists with entrepreneurial purposes. Acknowledging the fact that they respect each other’s professional ambitions, each member brings a unique quality to the group. The members of 4 Deep respect each other’s music talent, combine it with individual creativeness, and complement the chemistry with ambition for the ’ 4DC ’ brand to be enhanced through music. Therefore, 4 Deep Muzik is not just music compilations, but a brand that is establishing its future in various consumer-driven industries while entertaining through Hip-Hop music....
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