Problems at JetBlue

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Problems at JetBlue I believe that the problems that JetBlue faced were both managerial and technology issues. I think that they failed to plan on both parts and there was a lack of consideration for their customers. JetBlue started their business in 2000 they did not face any problems until 2007 which there was no reason that the company should not have had protocol in place to follow in case of an emergency. It would be understandable if problems arise during the first few years and the company failed to handle it in an effective manner. However the company had been in business for seven years at that point they are an tenured business and the top level executive should have known better and had proper plans in place in case of emergency. JetBlue should have had the technology in place to take on more phone calls because when the customers stared to overload the system other people couldn’t get through. This is a problem that should have been foreseen and taken care of when the company first started. Also the managers as well as all
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