Recomendation Letter

Recomendation Letter - Loretta Alfred and the staff at...

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To whom it may concern; I have had the pleasure of being Loretta’s co-worker for going on four years now. In this time I have had the opportunity to meet her wonderful family on numerous occasions, her husband Alfred and her two children Rai’Ayre and Ah’Zhea. Loretta’s son Rai’Ayre is a well-mannered, behaved, and good natured child. He is the most creative and inquisitive child I know. At the tender age of 5 he already is ambitious and has goals. Although sometimes he may come off as coy Rai’Ayre is outgoing, intelligent, and ready to learn something new. He loves to lend a helping hand to his little sister and his classmates at Bright Horizons. I accredit
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Unformatted text preview: Loretta, Alfred, and the staff at Bright Horizons for these positive traits he has developed. I believe Bright Horizons has prepared Rai’Ayre for the next level in his education. Loretta is always coming to work and telling me about something new he has showed her from school that he learned. This school is perfect for Rai’Ayre because his mind is open and prepared to learn. I am sure if chosen he will excel and exceed all expectations! Feel free to contact me at 3028932491 Thank you for your time, Imran khan...
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Recomendation Letter - Loretta Alfred and the staff at...

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