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Voting in America I disagree with the statement that voting does not matter in American elections. The citizens of America use voting to pick the politician that they feel will make the right decision to benefit them. People that do not vote believe that their vote does not count or that their vote doesn’t matter. However, voting is important when it comes to picking the most appropriate President to run the country. Voting does not stop at just picking a president we also need a Vice President in case the President is unable to fulfill his duties, Senators, Governors, Mayors, and many others to help lead the country. I know that one person’s vote is never going to make any difference in a large national election but if everyone in the same state
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Unformatted text preview: votes for the same person at least that state will win. One vote does not count but the reason why people spend their time and energy on voting is because if everyone felt that voting was unnecessary no one would vote and democracy would flop. People believe that if they bother to vote everybody else in the country will also vote, and the American democracy will flourish. It is a civic duty of every citizen in a democratic country to vote in elections. It’s really not about affecting the electoral outcome; it’s about doing your duty as a democratic citizen by voting in elections. Voting does matter in American elections because if no one votes for a president then we would fall into a democracy. Loretta Campbell 05/04/2011...
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