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Chapter 23 Essay Homework - Chapter 23 Respiratory System 1...

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Chapter 23 Respiratory System 1. A newborn infant is found dead, abandoned by the road. Among the many questions that the police would like to have answers to is whether the infant was born dead or alive. After an autopsy the medical examiner tells them that the infant was dead at birth. How could the medical examiner determine this? 2. Ralph is taking scuba diving classes, and is confused as to why he should not hold his breath under water while breathing from the air tank. What would you tell him? 3. A decrease in blood pressure triggers a baroreceptor reflex that leads to increased ventilation. What is the possible advantage of this reflex? Case Study Five-year-old PT. is brought to the clinic for a routine evaluation of his cystic fibrosis. 1) The underlying pathologic process of cystic fibrosis is related to: a) Excessively thick mucus production in the lungs. b)Decreased mucus degeneration by enzyme systems. c) Primary surfactant deficiency. d)Pulmonary vascular destruction. 2) Patients with cystic fibrosis are likely to develop: a) Venous thrombi. b)Respiratory infections. c) Diabetes mellitus. d)Dysrhythmias. 3) Therapeutic interventions for cystic fibrosis include all of the following except: a) postural drainage. b)nutritional supplementation. c) Prophylactic antibiotic coverage. d)Chloride ion supplementation. Case Study Three-year-old R.C. is brought to the emergency department by her parents. They report that she seems to be having a great deal of difficulty getting a breath and has a coarse, barking cough. The nurse practitioner diagnoses croup. 1) Parents of children with croup typically report that the child has recently had: a) routine immunizations, b) An upper respiratory infection. c)
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Chapter 23 Essay Homework - Chapter 23 Respiratory System 1...

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