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#2, page 168: What are some examples of ways in which observational learning has benefited you in your life? Are  there instances in which observational learning has worked to your disadvantage? through observational learning at DeVry during class with Lab. It benefited me because if I ever need to install it, I  would know how. I was observing, retaining, and replicating the behavior executed by my Professor. So far, I do not  have any disadvantage through observational learning because I try to leave all the errors out during my function of 
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Unformatted text preview: observing, retaining, and replicating the behavior executed by others to make it better #5in this chapter to improve your memory for specific details? If you were a juror, what would you say to the other jurors about the reliability of eyewitness testimony? Eyewitness testimony is the most common way of convicting criminals. It is also the most mistaken & unreliable of all evidence. To help improve your memory as an eyewitness to a crime. I think you should Sort the Information, Frequently Review the Information, Explore the Senses, use Color Code, Make Visual Aids, Rehearse Aloud, and Make it Physical...
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