HSM270 Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint

HSM270 Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint - organization because if...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 1 Capstone Checkpoint Kristina M Spencer HSM270 May 26, 2011 Allan Mooney
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 2 Capstone Checkpoint The organization’s mission affects a program greatly. This gives the potential client a basis as to what your program is about. When the potential client reads the mission, it has to draw them into your program and want to make them a part of it or use the services available. The mission of the program is what will shape the program and help the directors develop a program and plan of action. It is important to make sure the program is oriented to the mission and purpose of the
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Unformatted text preview: organization because, if you are telling potential clients and the local community your program is designed for a target population and has a specific mission and you do not provide what you have said, your program will fail. It is also important in a funding sense because potential donors will expect to see what you have promised as far as changes, goals and objectives. It is also important because if a potential donor thinks you are trying to gain funds for one cause and you are using it for another they can report you for fraud, which can bring major issues to the program....
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HSM270 Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint - organization because if...

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