HSM260 Week 8 Collaborative Fund-R

HSM260 Week 8 Collaborative Fund-R - the business that is...

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Running head: COLABORATIVE FUND-RAISING ACTIVITY 1 Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity Kristina M Spencer HSM260 May 19, 2011 Erin Akins
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COLABORATIVE FUND-RAISING ACTIVITY 2 Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity There were several great ideas for fundraising efforts discussed between the group. One of which I think was a wonderful idea suggested by another student was a walk for the agency. You see this with diseases and cancers that need funding for research so why not one for the local community. It also helps to educate the community on the issue at hand, and get each person involved. Another great suggestion was financial support from the local communities businesses. This also works for educating the community but it also provides some exposure for
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Unformatted text preview: the business that is choosing to sponsor the organization. One suggestion I had was to do a television style marathon. Not only can the organization get their name worldwide and educate many more across the nation, but they stand a better chance of gaining more funds than needed at the moment. If they were to gain more funds than needed some could be put to use in expanding the organization as well as put away for future needs. Another reason I like this suggestion is because with a televised event and educating the nation to the issue it may spark interest in other communities to provide a similar program type....
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HSM260 Week 8 Collaborative Fund-R - the business that is...

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