HSM270 Week 8 Alternative Funding

HSM270 Week 8 Alternative Funding - community as well as...

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Running head: ALTERNATIVE FUNDING 1 Alternative Funding Kristina M Spencer HSM270 May 20, 2011 Allan Mooney
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ALTERNATIVE FUNDING 2 Alternative Funding There are several suggestions from co-workers as well as suggestions from a similar assignment in another class that I thought would be perfect for the PEACE organization. One of the first would be a televised marathon that can be viewed across the United States. I think this would be a great way to help educate the local community as well as communities nationwide about the program. Once this is seen other communities may also see a need for this type of program as well, also you can gain more funding from businesses outside of your local
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Unformatted text preview: community as well as donations from the local community. Another great suggestion for alternative funding would be to have a walk for PEACE, where the participants get people from the local community whether it is family, friends, or local business to sponsor them. Each sponsor would then determine an amount the participant would receive for every mile (or half mile, up to sponsor) they walk. In order for the organization to gain funds in a large enough quantity there could be a minimum requirement that must be made. This idea can also help to educate the local community about the issues that PEACE is trying to overcome....
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HSM270 Week 8 Alternative Funding - community as well as...

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