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HSM270 Week 7 Stakeholder Influences

HSM270 Week 7 Stakeholder Influences - Running head...

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Running head: STAKEHOLDER INFLUENCES 1 Stakeholder Influences Kristina M Spencer HSM270 May 15, 2011 Allan Mooney
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STAKEHOLDER INFLUENCES 2 Stakeholder Influences It is important for any agency to consider the stakeholder during their planning and evaluation process mainly because the stakeholder has a lot to lose if the organization is not doing well. The money they invest into the organization in the sum of funding can be lost and in a sense gone for nothing. So during the planning of a program they must usually adhere to a few guidelines that the stakeholder has demanded. If the organization fails to meet these requirements or even entertain the idea of the requested guidelines, then they can pull the money they have or planned on donating to the organization. Stakeholders also usually have some sort of interest in the target population and can help to provide further opportunities to the organization to link up with other services and organizations with a similar interest in the target population. An organizations stakeholder can be an important part of achieving success within the organization, as well as giving the organization support. The PEACE Domestic Violence agencies goal is to help survivors of trauma recover and become empowered. They also strive to reduce the occurrence of violence and its victims in the city of Portland. Portland has seen more reports of domestic violence, assault, road rage, and spousal and child abuse over the last 5 years.
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