HSM270 Week 4 Project-Wide or Obje

HSM270 Week 4 Project-Wide or Obje - violence I think in...

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Running head: PROJECT-WIDE OR OBJECTIVE-ORIENTED EVALUATIONS 1 Project-Wide or Objective-Oriented Evaluations Kristina M Spencer HSM270 April 22, 2011 Allan Mooney
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PROJECT-WIDE OR OBJECTIVE-ORIENTED EVALUATIONS 2 Project-Wide or Objective-Oriented Evaluations The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is devoted to helping children, young adults, and adults in overcoming the affect of violence in their past. They provide services to help reduce the number of violence incidents that have occurred in Portland. Some of the services and programs include education and awareness, service provision, counseling, and a program specially designed to help obtain the skills and confidence to lead a full and successful life without any
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Unformatted text preview: violence. I think in this type of agency I would look at the project-wide and oriented evaluation plan. This is because in order for any person to complete this program they need to follow certain steps. You need to look first at the program as a whole and determine what steps come first and then continue from there. I would then break it down and look at each service individually and develop the plan and make each service transition into the next service. Without looking at both types of plans I think it would be difficult to develop an organization such as this one....
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HSM270 Week 4 Project-Wide or Obje - violence I think in...

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