HSM270 Week 1 Program Planning Terminology

HSM270 Week 1 Program Planning Terminology - work well...

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Running head: PROGRAM PLANNING TERMINOLOGY 1 Program Planning Terminology Kristina M Spencer HSM270 April 1, 2011 Allan Mooney
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PROGRAM PLANNING TERMINOLOGY 2 Program Planning Terminology Stacy, I finally got that new job at KSL Youth Project! They hired me for the program manager position, which over sees the entire program ! Can you believe it! I will have to do some reading up on the programs inputs and outputs to see what they are all about and how the program is run, but I am excited to learn all about KSL. I am sure the methods they use are slightly different than what I am used to. I did however already read their service delivery model and found it quite interesting. The activities they use to turn the inputs into outputs is something I have never seen or done before. The company has quite the theory about this population and how to help, but it seems as though with all the facts and information they have gathered to form this theory that it just may
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Unformatted text preview: work well. Since taking this new position though I think it would be wise to perform a purpose of evaluation and look at the outcomes of the services provided by the program over the last few years. That will help me determine if the needs and problem assessment was thorough or needs to be changed in any way. This organization has already provided me with all of their evaluative and descriptive research files that I should have a clear understanding of the organization and the design methods used to develop this program. I am hoping I fall right into the position and can perform the job well. You should consider a position in this organization I really think you would like it here! If any positions become available I can let you know. Kristina...
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HSM270 Week 1 Program Planning Terminology - work well...

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