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HSM230 Week 8 Ethics Audit Questions

HSM230 Week 8 Ethics Audit Questions - Running head ETHICS...

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Running head: ETHICS AUDIT QUESTIONS 1 Ethics Audit Questions Kristina M Spencer HSM230 March 20, 2011 Katisha Everett
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ETHICS AUDIT QUESTIONS 2 Ethics Audit Questions Board 1. In what ways does the board validate the information that is being presented to them? I think it is important to know how the board determines if the information presented to them is fact or something made up. Stories can come from employees that are angry at supervisors, co-workers etc. So knowing how they determine if the allegations are true or not is important. Staff 1. Is staff encouraged to report any issues to the board of directors? Do they feel their jobs are safe in doing so? I think this is very important to know considering staff are the ones who see most of the issues first hand daily. If the staff are discouraged or feel they will be terminated if they pursue and issue this can keep them from reporting them. In the long run this can affect how the company runs as a whole.
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