HSM230 Week 5 JSBMHA & HIPPA Case

HSM230 Week 5 JSBMHA & HIPPA Case - talking about...

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1 Kristina M Spencer HSM230 February 24, 2011 Katisha Everett
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2 HIPPA is put into place so that a patient receiving care at an agency or organization is ensured that their case or records are private and no one else outside the agency will see them. A patient usually has to sign a form stating they have received a copy of the HIPPA law, and they are also told that if they need to have any records that they posses shared with a third party they must sign the papers over. I think this gives the feeling to the patients that they are in control of who may or may not see these records. The major area it impacted was the confidentiality. Although they were in the workplace cafeteria, they never should have been talking to each other about the case. This is a prime example of why. You may not think any ordinary person would be able to figure out who you are
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Unformatted text preview: talking about but, this is a small world and people are all around you. By talking about the two cases they violated the agreement between the patient, the agency and HIPPA. This could lead to some major problems for the agency if the grandmother were to push the issue. Who is to say others did not over hear the conversation as well. I am not sure that the director should fire each of these employees but Jim having been a veteran social worker should have known better. I would think that a written warning as well as a suspension would be a step in the right direction. I also think the director should go over all of the guidelines once again with all employees to ensure they understand and comply with HIPPA guidelines. That way if it happens again termination can be a possibility....
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HSM230 Week 5 JSBMHA & HIPPA Case - talking about...

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