HSM230 Final Building an Ethical Organization Pt 2

HSM230 Final Building an Ethical Organization Pt 2 -...

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Running head: BUILDING AN ETHICAL ORGNAIZATION PT. 2 1 Building an Ethical Organization Pt. 2 Kristina M Spencer HSM230 March 27, 2011 Katisha Everett
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BUILDING AN ETHICAL ORGNAIZATION PT. 2 2 Building an Ethical Organization Pt. 2 Description of organization: KSL Youth Project was developed as a non-profit organization dedicated to the youth ages 13 to 21 in our local community. Violence that is seen throughout a child’s life can repeat itself once they have reached adulthood. The cycle can be broken but needs the help of everyone in our local community and beyond. The first service we offer to these youth is a stable and safe environment. They will be housed in a dorm like setting with males and females separated in different buildings. There will be rules and regulations that each youth must abide by in order to stay in this program. The only requirement for this program is that they must have either been abused as a child, live in an abusive home currently, or have run away from an abusive home. They must also take advantage of all the services provided to them during their stay. The second services we will provide to these youth are a chance to complete their schooling through G.E.D courses. They must report to class on the scheduled days and continue to obtain the grades put into place by the state in order to complete the program. After they have completed their G.E.D courses they have the option to receive additional schooling and develop a trade. This is not mandatory but will be stressed that it is very important to develop and advance in future careers. Counseling will be offered to each youth on a daily basis by appointment and walk in. The youth may use this time with their counselors to discuss their childhood, the obstacles they faced and still do, how they feel, and how they plan to overcome the obstacles in their lives. They are free to discuss whatever they wish and know that it is safe and confidential unless they make threats against another person in the program as well as outside. Alongside counseling we will offer anger management to all the youth in our program. During this time we will offer an explanation of the effects of abuse on children since the two go hand in hand. Teaching them other ways to deal with anger and express feelings without resorting to violent behavior. The final service we will provide is a project where youth who have completed the trainings in this organization may accompany regular staff to the local school to educate other children about abuse and how to prevent becoming an abuser, by sharing their story of success and how they overcame this very obstacle. It is our hope that this organization will send a message to the community that violence should not be tolerated and that we must help these youth to break the cycle. It also tells the community that we are here and here to help any youth in need of our services. It is also our hope that this organization will help the community to understand that this is an issue in their
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HSM230 Final Building an Ethical Organization Pt 2 -...

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