HSM220 Week 8 Manager and Subordinate Consultations

HSM220 Week 8 Manager and Subordinate Consultations - their...

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Running head: MANAGER AND SUBORDINATE CONSULTATIONS 1 Manager and Subordinate Consultations Kristina M Spencer HSM220 March 16, 2011 Melissa Ellison
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MANAGER AND SUBORDINATE CONSULTATIONS 2 Manager and Subordinate Consultations In the long run I believe that managers’ consulting with subordinates is important to ensure that things run smoothly. For example where I currently work the subordinates are the most important key to running efficiently and knowing what the main issues are since, we are the ones who work directly with the clients. By having the subordinates communicate the issues that are ongoing and current the managers can gain the information they need to correct the issues. I believe it is also important in letting the subordinates know they are part of the team and that their opinions matter. Often times you hear of subordinates not feeling appreciated and that
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Unformatted text preview: their opinions make no difference. This can lead to a number of issues such as low morale. Having low morale can affect the way a subordinate performs affecting the productivity of the company as a whole. The constant interaction between the two in my opinion will have a positive effect and can help to strengthen the communication between the two. Who better than to offer suggestions than, the people who are performing the job daily. Another example is from my current job. Each of us have different ways of performing the job some are more efficient. By suggesting what works for you the manager can see which they feel is more effect and try to put that to use in the company....
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HSM220 Week 8 Manager and Subordinate Consultations - their...

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