HSM220 Week 7 Personnel Profile Plan

HSM220 Week 7 Personnel Profile Plan - organization...

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Running head: PERSONNEL PROFILE PLAN 1 Personnel Profile Plan Kristina M Spencer HSM220 March 11, 2011 Melissa Ellison
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PERSONNEL PROFILE PLAN 2 Personnel Profile Plan The first thing an organization should do to change their personality profile is to determine how the community currently views the organization. The view may be positive, negative, or even their understanding of what the organization’s mission is. They can achieve this by asking current consumers what they think, or even sending out a survey to residents of the community. The second step is to determine how they would like the community or target population to view the organization. This can also be achieved by a comments section located in the survey, and may even come from some of the staff. Staff can at times view portions of an
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Unformatted text preview: organization negatively so their advice can be helpful. The third step would be to determine which portion of the community you are hoping to influence or capture with you organization. Once you have done this is all about the marketing strategy, maybe having a public relations department to help out here. The fourth is to make sure you staff is trained and educated on how you wish the community to view your organization. They need to know that their actions and behavior as a staff can reflect on the organization. The organization should most consider how they are currently viewed in the community and how they wish to be viewed. Once they have considered these two things they can begin to change the personality profile to fit what they would like to be viewed as....
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HSM220 Week 7 Personnel Profile Plan - organization...

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