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HSM220 Week 3 Management Structure
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Running head: MANAGMENT STRUCTURES 1 Management Structures Kristina M Spencer HSM220 February 11, 2011 Melissa Ellison
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MANAGMENT STRUCTURES 2 Management Structures Departmentalization The greatest advantage of have a program that is departmentalized is that this particular program has a special knowledge of a specific problem. When they have a main focus they can spend more time helping the client than trying to research many things and making the process longer. They know the issues of the targeted population inside and out. The disadvantage is that if a particular client has more than one need they may not be able to address each one. The clients may need to find several programs to help them. Matrix Organization As mentioned in the reading the advantage of having a matrix organization is that the employees have more than one person with the expertise and knowledge of the focused issues. The biggest disadvantage I see of this is that the employee may get confused as to which
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