HSM220 week 2 Environmental Factor

HSM220 week 2 Environmental Factor - Running head:...

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Running head: ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 1 Environmental Factors Kristina M Spencer HSM220 February 2, 2011 Melissa Ellison
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ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 2 Environmental Factors The four external factors are economic, sociological, political and professional, and technological. The economical factors consist of funding, noncash revenues, clients and consumers, suppliers, and competitors. The funding can come from many sources such as government funding, donated funds from charities, private funds, and endowments etc., fees for services which can include co payments or payments directly from clients as well as third party payments. The funds can also come from other agencies in the form of investments, and fundraising events. The sociological factors consist of a manager understanding the demographics of the community and area they are running out of. They should gain the knowledge of the races, genders, ages, income level, education and ethics etc. by obtaining this information from the previous census data. The political and professional factors consist of the laws and regulations that an agency must
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HSM220 week 2 Environmental Factor - Running head:...

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