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HSM220 Designing a Reward System

HSM220 Designing a Reward System - Running head DESIGNING A...

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Running head: DESIGNING A REWARD SYSTEM 1 Designing a Reward System Kristina M Spencer HSM220 February 20, 2011 Melissa Ellison
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DESIGNING A REWARD SYSTEM 2 Designing a Reward System It has come to my attention that the morale and quality of care being given at this time are down. In order to improve this I would like to propose that we start an incentives and rewards plan to those employees who show improvement, a positive attitude, high quality care etc. here you will find the guidelines for each new strategy as well as how each employee may achieve these goals. When developing a rewards or incentive plan the key components to remember are that each person is treated fairly, meet the same guidelines and feels respected in the process. In developing these new incentives and rewards you will find a description of each along with the requirements in order to receive these. The hopes of adding these incentives and rewards are that we will improve turnover rates which have risen over the last year, improve attitudes and attendance of all employees, and improve the quality of care that is provided daily at this facility. Some incentives and rewards will be offered monthly others may take up to 6 months or longer. It is imperative that we maintain a fair rating system for each employee that may be eligible for these incentives and rewards. Each employee’s performance will be overseen by the immediate supervisor as well as the manager. They will also be evaluated on a points system for some of these incentives and rewards.
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HSM220 Designing a Reward System - Running head DESIGNING A...

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