bio - o Watching slow, natural processes take place o We...

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Habitat destruction o Main result of human overexploitation and pollution o Large human pop requires food and homes Introduced species o o Non-native species often Out-compete native species Prey on native species while lacking predators Introduce disease to native species while not overly affected by disease o Effects of change o Over time there have been changes o To landmasses Cont. drift Volc. Eruptions o Atmospheric gasses o Temp o Ocean currents o Nutrient cycles o Meteorites, comets o When 2 or more combine, there is often mass extinction Mass extinction may be human caused o Fossil record is only a snapshot o Time for most species to disappear from fossil record is long
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Unformatted text preview: o Watching slow, natural processes take place o We forget this and over-dramatize Island biogeography o Diversity of an area/island = a balance between Immigration Emigration/extinctions o Immigration in a new area occurs Quickly at first Slows over time o Extinctions from same area occurs Slowly at first But increases with immigration of new species o Extinction from area is affected by Size of area Distance o Size of area o Small areas only support a few species or a small pop. o Rare species and species with small pop. Are more susceptible to extinction Distance of one area to another o Nearer areas have higher imm rates o Increases competition, predation, disease Evolution and gene flow o...
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bio - o Watching slow, natural processes take place o We...

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