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Wk 3 Essay discussion 5-56 - eliminate checks that may...

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Tara Anderson 5-56 The factors they need to consider are how many customers’ accounts have a credit account, how often do they keep their account current, and how many are delinquent accounts. What bills are being paid when (on time, early, or late) and the withdrawals that are being made. Also how many customers pay with checks that bounce. The recommendations I would give them is to lower their credit accounts to a minimal amount of about 100 dollars that can be credit and the rest be paid with cash or a credit card. This would
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Unformatted text preview: eliminate checks that may bounce and come back and the amount people put on a credit account and then don’t pay. I would also recommend to not withdrawal to much money out unless you absolutely needed it, say to pay bills, or buy inventory, pay employees. I would also might recommend them doing a balance sheet and income statement more currently so they could see what and where their money is going....
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