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Lecture 2 - January 7 2010 Lecture 2 The Vedas Chandogya...

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January 7 2010 Lecture 2 – The Vedas Chandogya Upanishad – ancient Upanishad (800 BC) Smarad (Memory) Vai Asa (Hope) Bhuyast – Hope is greater than memory Similarities between Hinduism and the Indus Valley Culture/Religion Review: Vedas are split 4x4 First 3 sections – Higher Religion -Rig (means a ‘verse’) -Yajur (means sacrifice… put to sacrificial use) -Sama (set to music…songs, usually associated with women, however women were denied to this) -Arharya -Upanishads (thought of as a secret doctrine, a philosophical text) Classical Upanishad vs. Principle Upanishad (After 700 AD that people have commented) -Chadogya Upanishad are thought to be a principle Upanishad In 6 th Century BC, coming close to the period of Classical Hinduism, there’s a major development in life in India, traditions and rituals were changing, the old vedic view was starting to fade Vedas were spreading to the south and east, eventually taking up all of India With the spread of religion comes the formation of new gods and new practices -in 6 th century came the formation of large kingdoms. Upanisads go beyond the sacrificial. There becomes development in the upanisads within the tradition (so you don’t feel like there’s a huge change) -Hindu tradition is Sanatan (eternal, time and memorial) Dharma (it goes back to the Vedas) -Buddhism originated (From the Upanisads??) in the 6 th Century (monasticism), Jainism was in the 8 th century: -Mahaveer – he was a warrior, and was a great hero. He was married. At the age of 30, he left his household in search of the ultimate truth. It was a new vision and a new religion. Jains believe that there are two realities: spirit and nature. They emphasize austerity and fasting.
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Lecture 2 - January 7 2010 Lecture 2 The Vedas Chandogya...

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