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Prit Patel Psyc 305 5/14/11 Week 2 Assignment The power that I find most effective is legitimate power. It comes from the authority of your rate and position in the chain of command. You use this power in day-to-day business. Although you might increase responsibility, you can decrease the power if you fail to meet all your responsibilities. I think I have expert power. I always try to influence others around me as I approach a task. I want everyone to see how easy it is to use this power. Although you might have to use expert power with other powers to find it effective, myself being a manager in a hotel I have to lead a 30 + plus employees. It does get frustrating at times but I still seem to handle the job with a smile. Me dealing with hundreds of different guest in a hotel I see a lot of situations where I use my expert power. For example, one night we had a guest that did not want to comply with the policies of our hotel while checking in. She demanded she would pay cash for a room that had already been paid for on a 3
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