CheckPoint Effects of the Railroads

CheckPoint Effects of the Railroads - The economic and...

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CheckPoint Effects of the Railroads Week Three HIS/125 In the 1800’s in America the railroad became very popular due to there for speed and efficiency. They were several cities that grew due to the growth of the railroads like Kansas City, Denver, Chicago, and cities along the west of Mississippi.
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The railroad companies ended up taking shipments away from the steam boats because they could do it cheaper and saved the businesses money by doing this it help make the railroad freight grow. Even though people classified the railroad to be monopolistic, undemocratic, and unsafe but it did prove to be a great expansion for the Midwest and western America. Due to people using the railroad for transportation it help it helped in reducing the prices on other goods and helped build with the American Frontier.
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Unformatted text preview: The economic and social changes from the growth of the railroad that helped develop new cities that it lowered their cost of transporting their goods to other cities and the small business that was there it helped them grow to a bigger business and it also allowed other businesses to move into the new city. The social and economic changes was growing in the United States due to the railroad moving from east to the west it let traveling and hauling things be quicker and where the railroad tracks was laid it made a path for businesses and industries began to build up new cities and towns all across the United States. Reference Allsands.(2000). Transportation and the Expansion of America. Retrieved from:
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CheckPoint Effects of the Railroads - The economic and...

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