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Questions 2.2.1. A graduating engineer has signed up for three job interviews. She intends to categorize each one as being either a “success” or a “failure” depending on whether it leads to a plant trip. Write out the appropriate sample space. What outcomes are in the event A: Second success occurs on third interview? In B: First success never occurs? Solution Let s be success and f be failure. S = {sss, ssf, sfs, fss, sff, fsf, ffs, fff} From the sample space, we can immediately find for the two events. That is, A = {sfs, fss} B = {fff}
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2.2.5 A woman has her purse snatched by two teenagers. She is subsequently shown a police lineup consisting of five suspects, including the two perpetrators. What is the sample space associated with the experiment “Woman picks two suspects out of lineup”? Which outcomes are in the event, A, that she makes at least one incorrect identification? Solution Let the three innocents be i 1 , i 2 , and i 3 respectively. p 1 and p 2 be the two perpetrators. The sample space then is S = {( i 1 , i 2 ), (i 1 , i 3 ), (i 1 , p 1 ), (i 1 , p 2 ), (i 2 , i 3 ), (i 2 , p 1 ), (i 2 , p 2 ), (i 3 , p 1 ), (i 3 , p 2 ), ( p 1 , p 2 )} Therefore, for us to determine the event A, we need to look on the sample space where p 1 and p 2 is partnered with other number and those numbers where it is not belong since we need at least one incorrect identification. Thus, the sample outcome of the said event is all the elements in the sample space except for ( p 1 , p 2 ).
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53253197-Statistics-Probability - Questions 2.2.1 A...

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