Administrative Organization - The table below is to be...

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The table below is to be completed by the student during the preliminary examination. Family name, First name Student number Class Remarks student (if relevant) At the end of the preliminary examination you are obliged to hand in all papers (preliminary examination paper / answers / scrap paper); On every page of your answers write your name, class, student number, and version of the preliminary examination (if relevant); When you use more than one answer sheet you must number the sheets. The table below is to be completed by the teacher and handed in to the information desk together with the original registration for a preliminary examination. Institute/Academy MIM Date of session Name preliminary examination Administrative Organization Code Duration of preliminary examination (time) From 11.15 hrs to 13.15 hrs Number of pages/ excl this form 5 Year 2 nd Year, 1 st semester Theme Information Management Regular / Retake Regular Name teacher (s) Tesselhof Number of questions/ assignments; Maximum score 13 main requirements Maximum Score = 100 points = 10 grade The points per assignments are noted at the end of each assignment Assessment criteria Student is able to demonstrate understanding the role of administrative information within an organization, the potential threats as a result of compromise of the reliability of the data, and the control policies and procedures designed to effectively mitigate risks associated with threats to the data. Aid(s) allowed None Remarks teacher Mark
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ADMINISTRATIVE ORGANIZATION EXAM 2009/2010 – SEMESTER 4 – QUARTER 4 You are the founder, owner, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Sitting Dhuck, Inc, a manufacturer of extra-strength economy toilet seats intended for the busy intensive-use markets of American fast-food establishments. Having stridently fought off all notions to the contrary, you embrace the fact that a sound Accounting Information System (AIS) is as much (or more) a management responsibility as the responsibility of any other organizational personnel by making
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Administrative Organization - The table below is to be...

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