Case FrieslandCampina ibms3 - FrieslandCampina unlawful...

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Case FrieslandCampina; FrieslandCampina is now one of the biggest cooperatives in our country. After the merger of Friesland Foods and Campina in 2008 a powerful cooperative was born. Their brands are Appelsientje, Dubbel Friss, Completa, Chocomel, Campina, Buttergold, Cool Best. The products they produce are for example; milk, cream, dairy, butter, cheese. Questions ; 1. Mention two differences and two points of similarity between the cooperative (co-op) and a public limited (Plc.) 2. In which sector do we find the cooperatives? 3. Which organs can be mentioned in the co-op? 4. Which organ is responsible for the access of new members? 5. When can a membership be cancelled? 6 When is something a brand under the trademark law? 7. How can you get protection for brands? 8. What can be done when a competitor of FrieslandCampina uses one of the brands of
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Unformatted text preview: FrieslandCampina unlawful? Answers case FrieslandCampina; 1.- members in stead of shareholders-Liability is different, members can be liable, and shareholders can’t be.-profit sharing-foundation/ association by a notary-annual account-registration in the commercial/ company/ trade register-company 2. the agriculture sector 3.-board of directors-general meeting (of the members)-the supervisory board (commissioners) 4. At first the board of directors. In appeal the general meeting 5. 6. Hallmark of authenticity for members list. (registered in the company register) 7. resignation/ cancellation membership by-co-op-member-death/ decease-expulsion (royement) 8. wrongful act-unlawful-to be blame for-damage-causal connection...
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Case FrieslandCampina ibms3 - FrieslandCampina unlawful...

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