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Chapter Methods of research [aug 2009] - Methods of...

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Methods of research This chapter is a necessary part of your report and forms the foundation of the research you are carrying out as part of an assignment. After reading this chapter, the person assigning the task and the mentor of the course have a clear image of: work methods research design how the research was carried out the choices you've made during your research. The chapter “Methods of research” mainly contains a description (the ' how' ) and justification (the 'why' ) of your research methods. The chapter looks back at the methods used during the research (e.g. 'an interview was conducted with the manager' instead of 'an interview will be held with the manager'). This means that you cannot just use any method, technique or model. You need to justify your choices for certain methods based on the theory at all times. In this chapter you refer to literature about methods and techniques of research, which has been prescribed by your school. Also, other theoretic models you have used in your research (e.g. when carrying out an internal and external analysis) need to be described and justified. This applies to models such as: SWOT-analysis Porter's Five Forces analysis Boston Consulting Group Matrix Ansoff product/market matrix etc. . Note: The person assigning the task and the school attach great value to this segment of your research and will reject the report as a whole when this part is insufficient. The following pages will show an example of a chapter 'Methods of research': 1
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1. Introduction Every chapter in your report starts out with a short overview. Explain why choosing the correct methods of research is so important that you have phased your research, and where it will lead you. The research you have carried out needs to be described as a process of cohesive elements and not a
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Chapter Methods of research [aug 2009] - Methods of...

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