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Multiple Choice Questions DAVID CHAPTER 6 Strategy Analysis and Choice The Nature of Strategy Analysis and Choice 1. Strategy analysis and choice largely involves making __________ decisions based on __________ information. a. long-term; short-term b. subjective; objective c. short-term; long-term d. subjective; short-term e. objective; subjective Ans: b Page: 216 A Comprehensive Strategy-Formulation Framework 2. Which stage in the strategy-formulation framework focuses on generating feasible alternative strategies? a. Input b. Output c. Decision d. Throughput e. Matching Ans: e Page: 219 3. Which stage of the strategy-formulation framework involves the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix? a. Stage 1 b. Stage 2 c. Stage 3 d. Stage 4 e. Stage 5 Ans: c Page: 219 4. Which strategy formulation technique reveals the relative attractiveness of alternative strategies and thus provides an objective basis for selecting specific strategies. a. SWOT b. SPACE c. QSPM d. IFE e. CPM Ans: c Page: 219 The Input Stage 5. Which stage of the strategy formulation framework includes an Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix and a Competitive Profile Matrix? a. input b. matching
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c. decision d. penetration e. research Ans: a Page: 219 6. Which stage of the strategy formulation framework contains the Internal-Factor Evaluation Matrix? a. input stage b. analysis stage c. matching stage d. decision stage e. output stage Ans: a Page: 219 The Matching Stage 7. The match an organization makes between its internal resources and skills and the opportunities and risks created by its external factors can be defined as: a. Input b. Concept formulation c. Strategy d. SWOT e. An opportunity Ans: c Page: 220 8. Which section of the SWOT Matrix involves matching internal strengths with external opportunities? a. The WT cell b. The SW cell c. The WO cell d. The ST cell e. The SO cell Ans: e Page: 221 9. Which strategies aim at improving internal weaknesses by taking advantage of external opportunities? a.
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David - Chapter 6 - MC - Multiple Choice Questions DAVID...

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