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Multiple Choice Questions DAVID CHAPTER 9 Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control The Nature of Strategy Evaluation 1. Which of these is/are a basic activity of strategy evaluation? a. Reviewing the underlying internal and external factors that represent the bases of current strategies b. Measuring organizational performance c. Taking corrective actions d. All of the above. e. Both b and c Ans: d Page: 336 2. The purpose of strategy evaluation is to a. increase the budget annually. b. alert management to problems or potential problems. c. make budget changes. d. evaluate employees’ performance. e. Ans: b Page: 336 3. What is the cornerstone of effective strategy evaluation? a. Adequate and timely feedback b. Quality and quantity of managers c. Smaller ratio of top- to lower-level management d. Evaluation preceding implementation stage e. Taking corrective actions Ans: a Page: 337 4. All of these are Richard Rumelt’s criteria to evaluate a strategy except: a. advantage. b. consistency. c. feasibility. d. distinctiveness. e. consonance. Ans: d Page: 337 5. What is happening to strategy evaluation with the passage of time? a. increasingly difficult b. much simpler c. very convenient d. an unnecessary activity e. less important Ans: a Page: 337 6. All of the following are reasons strategy evaluation is more difficult today except: a. a dramatic increase in the environment’s complexity. b. the increasing number of variables. c. the increase in the number of both domestic and world events affecting organizations. 1
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d. the decreasing difficulty of predicting the future with accuracy. e. the rapid rate of obsolescence of even the best plans. Ans: d Page: 337 7. Which of the following is not a reason for the increasing difficulty of evaluating strategies? a. Product life cycles are longer today than ever. b. Domestic and world economies are less stable than ever. c. Product development cycles are longer than ever. d. Technological advancement is more rapid. e. Change is occurring more frequently than ever. Ans: a Page: 337 8. What is important because organizations face dynamic environments in which key external and internal factors often change quickly and dramatically? a. Strategy formulation b. Strategy evaluation c. Strategy simplification d. Strategy modification e. Strategy implementation Ans: b Page: 337 9. A final broad test of strategy is its a. advantage. b.
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David - Chapter 9 - MC - Multiple Choice Questions DAVID...

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