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Chapter 11 – Collecting primary data using questionnaires Questionnaires? Questionnaires collect data by asking people to respond to exactly the same set of questions When to use questionnaires? People tend to use a questionnaires without considering other methods Don’t use questionnaires for exploratory research, and for a large number of open- ended questions Use questionnaires for descriptive and explanatory research Link questionnaires with other methods in a multiple-methods research design Maximising response rates, validity and reliability Careful design of individual questions Clear and pleasing layout of the questionnaire Lucid explanation of the purpose of the questionnaire Pilot testing Carefully planned and executed administration Types of questionnaires Self-administered Internet and intranet-mediated questionnaires Postal questionnaires Delivery and collection questionnaire Interviewer-administered Telephone questionnaire Structured interview Choice of questionnaire A variety of factors. .. Characteristics of the respondents Importance of reaching a particular person as respondent Importance of respondents’ answers not being contaminated or distorted Size of sample you need for your analysis, taking into account the likely response rate
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Meth - Chapter_11 - Chapter 11 Collecting primary data...

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