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Case1 ; Insurance policyholders agree with settlement ING From NRC 13-1-2009. Policyholders, who owned a so called exorbitant insurance policy from ING daughter companies, have agreed a compensation proposition offered by ING. This has been published by the Loss policy foundation. ING daughters Nationale Nederlanden, Postbank and RVS have announced that they will return 365 million euro’s to customers with a so called woekerpolis/ exorbitant policy. These clients of ING paid unreasonable much for investments insurances. The costs for these insurance products were much too high. Questions; 1. Mention at least two points of similarity between a Public Limited (Plc) and a Foundation. 2. Which organ of the ING daughter companies can decide this proposition? Give reasons! 3. Who can be assumed liable for the costs by the Foundation “woekerpolis”? 4. What is meant by the articles of association of the plc? 5. Which information can be found in the articles of association?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Specify how articles of association can be changed. Case 2; Microsoft and Yahoo are talking. New York, 15-3-2008 (NRC) Microsoft and Yahoo talked about a merger last Monday’s. This was published in The Wall Street Journal and based on conversations with insiders. This meeting is probably the first one in a row of more meetings. Microsoft made an opening bid of 42 milliard dollar for Yahoo. According to The Wall Street Journal there were not yet bankers present. Answer now the following questions; 1. Explain what a merger is. 2. Mention reasons for Microsoft why they want such a merger. 3. When can a merger be seen as a raid on a company? 4. Why do mergers need the approval of the authority for the competition? 5. Which organ of Yahoo decides about the bid? 6. Which persons/ organs have to negotiate with each other about this specific merger? 7. Is it possible to protect a company against a raid on a company?...
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