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rri01 Page 1 30/05/2011 To: Students 2nd year IBMS, students that want to retake From: RR Date: 01-04-2010 Subject: Take home exam CRM / MIS Dear students, On the 1 st of April the Take Home Exam (THE) CRM / MIS will take place. The exam will be distributed over the e-mail on 9 AM. Students have 24 hours time to make the exam. This means that students have to hand in the exam the next day at 9 AM on the 2 nd of April. Exams that are handed in too late will be automatically considered as retakes. The computer clock of the lecturer is decisive on this matter. During classes four cases were discussed (see course manual), three of these cases will be the subject of the THE plus 1 extra “surprise” case from the 11 th edition of the book. In the exam referrals to pages, models etc. are based on the 11 th edition only . The exam is an individual exam. Flagrant similarities between two answers of two different students will be considered as fraud . The lecturer has software at his disposal for comparing texts (Copyfind). It is therefore advisable to make this exam on your own or at least based on your own formulation. The location for making the exam is up to the students but as you have to consult websites and handouts a site with a computer with an internet connection is highly recommended. Copy the questions to your answering sheets and put your answers directly underneath them.
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This note was uploaded on 05/30/2011 for the course MIM 1001 taught by Professor Fredser during the Spring '11 term at International University in Germany.

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take home exam CRM MIS - rri01 Page 1 30/05/2011 To:...

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