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A N T H R O P L G Y 3 ASSIGNMENT 4 Human Origins W ±e±begin±our±journey±through±human±prehistory±with±a±glance±at±the±Great±Ice±Age,±at± the±complicated±climatic±±fluctuations±of±the±past±2.5±million±years.±These±changes±have± been±particularly±dramatic±over±thepast±±700,000±years,±and±assume±great±importance±in± later±prehistory.±The±second±part±of±Assignment±4±examines±the±scientific±evidence±for±the±origins±of± humankind,±focusing±on±recent±discoveries±in±tropical±Africa.±How±did±humans±evolve±and±why?±What± behavioral±changes±are±associated±with±human±origins,±and±what±is±the±archaeological±record±for± human±origins? IMPORTANT: Please note that the Olduvai exercise is a two-week assignment in order to give you sufFcient time to complete it with your group. WHAT LIES AHEAD? Assignment Objectives Having completed Assignment 4, you will be able to: 1. Outline and describe the basic chronology and major climatic fuctuations oF the Ice Age, with special reFerence to the past 128,000 years. 2. Describe the salient Features oF Oldowan technology and its implications For study- ing early human behavior. 3. Be able to evaluate the archaeological evidence For the earliest human behavior with special reFerence to the archaeological record at Olduvai Gorge. Work required 1. Readings: World Prehistory. Read Chapter 2, plus Anthology. 2. Web Exercises: 4-1: The Ice Age, 4-2: Introducing the skeletons in your closet, 4-3: Principles of Lithic Technology, 4-4: The Formation of Olduvai Gorge, and 4-5: The Archaeology of Olduvai Gorge. 3. Written Assignments: Ice age questions, Olduvai Gorge Write-up. Note: You should be working on your Mid-term papers! 4. Group Projects: Olduvai Gorge Exercise Begins.
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A N T H R O P O L O G Y 3 4 2 Homo habilis CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE Geology Fossils Developments New World Settlement Peopling of Temperate Zones ? Fire Tool-Making Bipedal Posture Years B.P. Present 1 million 2 million 3 million Early Homo sapiens Brunhes/Matuyama Boundary Homo sapiens sapiens Homo erectus B R U N H E S M A T U Y A M A 4 million ? ? ? ? Plio/Pleistocene Boundary ? ? ? Australopithecus Ardipithecus Ramidus ? LECTURE 1: HUMAN ORIGINS This week’s lecture provides important general background. We: • Describe the early history of research into human origins, with special reference to the challanges unique to this kind of archaeology. • Characterize the latest thinking on the development of modern humans, including the evidence for our African origins around 200,000 years ago and the controversy over some of the latest discoveries. LECTURE 2: PALAEOANTHROPOLOGY The archaeology of human origins is a complex multidisciplinary enterprise. How does one excavate an early hominid cache, camping, or kill site? What methods are most productive and how are the finds analyzed? The site of Terra Amada in France serves as a case study.
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06.SG_assign4 - A N T H R O P O L O G Y 3 41 ASSIGNMENT 4...

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