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CRA end association Rating Committee Client (Issuer of debt Instrument) Concurrence Disagreement Rating Published CRA starts from 2 again 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Credit Rating Is essentially a symbolic indicator of the current opinion regarding the relative ability and willingness of the issuer of a debt instrument, to meet the debt service obligations. It talks only about the default or credit risk Credit rating is not a general purpose evaluation of an institutional entity nor an overall assessment of the credit risk associated with all the debts and financial instruments issued by the institute. Credit rating is specific to a particular debt/financial instrument The information collected during credit investigation by a rating agency fall typically into four broad categories which are popularly called the ‘four Cs’. They are : Character Capacity Capital Condition 1)Character : Intention to pay, integrity, honesty. Typically would involve collection of information regarding the following : Does the issuer have a good credit record Has the issuer declared bankruptcy in the past 2)Capacity : Capacity of the business to pay, out of operating cash flows? ( current financial standing) 3) Capital : The issuers financial reserves generated out of past performance. Involve analyses of the balance sheet items and components like Working Capital, Net Worth and Cash Flow. 4) Conditions (of the the industry in which issuer is operating):
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Credit_Rating_Materials - Rating Committee Client (Issuer...

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