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Ethics - Assignment 1 Amy Croall

Ethics - Assignment 1 Amy Croall - created equal In my...

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Defining Race and Ethnicity Amy Croall Ethics February 25, 2011 Race and Ethnicity can mean different things to different people. Being that I am employed by a California State School in Human Resources, I know what Race and Ethnicity mean in a working environment. All ethnicities are diverse based on cultural differences in marriage, eating habits, and other points. Race is what a person is; be it Caucasian, African American, or of Asian descent. Every race and ethnic group has its differences. The concepts of race and ethnicity are significant to the United States because our country has a focal title. When a person speaks the country’s name, this essentially means that all the populace can be united as an equal, no matter where someone is from or what their ethnic background may be. The United States is built on the principle that all men and women are
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Unformatted text preview: created equal. In my opinion, the United States is one of the finest places to live and this is easily proven. The USA is one of the only countries in the world to possess nearly every race and ethnic background there is. All the people are given fair and equal rights if they become a citizen. However, even if a person is not a citizen, it is unlikely they will be treated with equal and fair rights in most other countries. It is my personal opinion that race and ethnicity should not have a significant influence in deciding factors of employment, rights, or equal opportunity (HREA, n.d.). References HREA. (n.d.). The Rights of Ethnic and Racial Minorities. Retrieved on February 25, 201, from, http://www.hrea.org/index.php?doc_id=360 ....
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Ethics - Assignment 1 Amy Croall - created equal In my...

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