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Using the Proper Tone Amy Croall

Using the Proper Tone Amy Croall - people communicate...

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Using the Proper Tone Amy Croall Gen 105 March 4, 2011 A person’s tone or writing style will alter based on the various types of individuals they will be communicating with online. This is because a person must make modifications to their tone, based on the type of person they are writing to. For example, when people communicate with associates, friends, or families that are close to them, they are able to write informally because there is a personal relationship with these people. However, when
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Unformatted text preview: people communicate through e-mails or with other online communication techniques, to a instructor, a classmate, or a business associate, they should use a more official, or formal tone. In professional associations, people must be aware that they are polite and use the accurate words, prevent colloquialisms and refrain from using slang, as well as check for involuntary and grammatical conventions in their writing....
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