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Capstone Checkpoint - acts being committed toward them...

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Capstone Checkpoint Ethics Amy Croall April 22, 2011 The majority of census and percentage information has assisted me to enhance my understanding of the various races and minority groups. The cause for this is because a variety of the percentages and facts were not what I expected them to be. I have an enhanced understanding about how many Asian Americans and Native Americans are in the United States. I also have an enhanced understanding of these races upbringings in education, lifestyle, and religious viewpoints I was unable to formulate any additional knowledge about my own cultural history. The majority of our discussions were topics that I was previously aware of in some form or another. I can declare that speaking about African Americans and how far they have come is a sensitive subject simply because only two or three decades ago, there were still hate crimes and violent
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Unformatted text preview: acts being committed toward them. Immigration is most certainly going to diversify the United States even more than it already is. This country will be varied with different backgrounds and cultures in a short amount of time. Immigration has already begun to change America drastically, and this is a fantastic occurrence. More and more organizations are offering incentives and acknowledging how diverse their company is and can be. Knowledge is key when assuming information about other races and ethnicities, especially when considering how to make room for these changes in our country. The most efficient way to prepare is to be aware of the history of different cultures. We can also employ the option of an open mind and heart. Without knowledge and openness, it will be complicated to recognize the change which is very near....
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