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Communicating in Forums Gen 105 Amy Croall March 6, 2011 In the narrative, Anthony's Dilemma , Anthony utilizes language of a narrow-minded nature to illustrate a business situation. Although showing some sexism that may not have been intentional, his use of verbal communication illustrates that he assumes that trained professionals and business associates to be male, and that women in the business world are the exception and not the regulation. It is imperative for Anthony to develop and improve his use of narrow-minded language, as he says, so that he can avoid offending others. However, it’s more important that he facilitate an inclusive environment at his corporation. While some of the language dilemmas seem insignificant individually, they can all conclude to an environment that is unfavorable to women. This can lead to the likelihood of a less diverse work environment than is otherwise plausible, as well as leading to potential legal predicaments. Anthony should prevent the use of the word “guys” when referring to business
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