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Implicit Association Test Amy Croall

Implicit Association Test Amy Croall - sorted I definitely...

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Implicit Association Test Amy Croall Ethics March 4, 2011 My result of the IAT test was as follows: “Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.” I do not believe that the test present valuable or accurate results. The test was set up to ask me to categorize words into a good and bad category as well as faces of European American and African American faces. The test specified that I put the bad words with the European faces first and then the bad words with the African faces last. The test measurement was based on the fact that I sorted the bad words with the African faces much quicker. The only reason for this is because, at that point, I knew which words were coming and the way they would be
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Unformatted text preview: sorted. I definitely believe that it difficult to accurately measure prejudice because, as human being, we know the different between right and wrong. We would not openly admit that we are prejudice and so, if asked by any one person, we would rather lie and say no than tell the truth and be judged for our opinions. Sociologists can use study groups, segregating groups into European Americans and African Americans. They can show two television shows to the groups: one show that holds a primarily African American cast and another that holds a primarily European American cast. They can then measure which show each group liked better and why....
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