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Learning Styles - Learning Styles Gen 105 Amy Croall I will...

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Learning Styles Gen 105 Amy Croall April 17, 2011 I will employ the study methods that are suggested for my personality type and strongest intelligence. Consistent with my test, my high scores developed in Intrapersonal and Interpersonal. These abilities will be most successful for me in a distance learning setting as I succeed best in a collection and discussing subjects of interest. I also enjoy myself when listening to other individual’s outlook and mindset. I am superior when it comes to understanding Individual’s feelings as well. The methods that I may employ to enhance my less developed areas are: being completely approachable for suggestions as well as I will be eager to attempt anything new, so my less developed areas can grow to be more effective in my distance learning environment. The significance of my knowledge of the learning strengths I employ and also my knowledge of my classmates’ strengths is that it can be a relaxed learning space because
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