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Multiple Intelligences - individual The websites...

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Multiple Intelligences Gen 105 Amy Croall April 15, 2011 My utmost region of intelligence is linguistics. I illustrated this aptitude early on, learning to verbalize in sentences by my first birthday. I established a significant level of reading at the age of three, and was capable of surpassing the first grade by testing out on my ability to show that I could read phonetically. Since that time, my linguistic aptitude has enabled me to speak better publicly and with composition based tasks. My conclusions upon searching the internet reinforced my power as a word smart
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Unformatted text preview: individual. The websites illustrated how linguistically enabled individuals are inclined to be quite open and influential, which are some of my skills. The websites also referred to career choices such as writer, comedian, or politician. This is indicative of my passion for writing as I am in the process of penning two novels. Websites referenced: Learning Styles of the Linguistically Intelligent Cook's School Chart of Linguistic Intelligence Traits and Opportunities Criteria for Linguistic Intelligence...
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