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Online Research GEN 105 Amy Croall March 2, 2011 Conducting research online is unlike conducting research in a traditional library because it is, by far, a more complete method. When conducting research in a traditional library, one may have the concrete data present in front of them; simply by examination of the library's catalog and obtaining a book or encyclopedia. However, when one is conducting research online, they must check the reliability of the source and be sure that it is reviewed by peers. They must also be sure that the source holds the correct information. For instance, if I were to be in a traditional library and check out a periodical to for my research, I would assume that the book is accurate
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Unformatted text preview: and written by a credible author. However, online research is slightly more difficult because there are many sources on the internet that lack accuracy and reliability. The best way to conduct online research is to use an online library database, much like the Axia Library or one similar to it. My personal approach to searching sources online is to start by using these three main library databases: ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and Gale Database. These databases hold a mass amount of information. From this information, I can frequently narrow my search. I will also often try operating some particular article databases that concentrate on certain subjects such as hospitality and business....
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