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Reading and Comprehension Amy Croall Gen 105 April 9, 2011 I was able to read “8 Secrets to a Knockout Business Presentation” in just about two minutes. This is a reading rate of 290 words per minute. This article included issues with catch phrases that create a simpler way to memorize the aspects: “Dig Deep” indicates that one should search education websites for a motivating and exclusive topic. This can ensure that the audience is involved and alert. “Avoid Information Overload” by being concise and illustrate only the topics essential to conveying the point. “Practice Delivery” of the presentation so that it is comfortable to build the delivery. “Forget Comedy” since it does not pertain to the facts. “Pick Powerful Props” use straightforward, strong graphics and props that will supply the audience with the information in a design that is easy to retain. “Minimize You” by supplying the audience with what they came for.
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