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Setting Goals - deadline for these goals will be weekly I...

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Setting Goals Gen 105 Amy Croall March 25, 2011 Two of my personal long term education goals are to finish my Bachelor’s Degree and then to gain a Masters in one of two fields: Forensic Information Technologies or Business Administration, IT. Finishing my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Phoenix will prove to be moderately challenging. I am currently reviewing General Educational classes and a few classes that I did not obtain clearance from during my stint with an Associate’s Degree. Gaining my Masters Degree in Forensics will prove to be extremely challenging as I know next to nothing of Forensics. Some short term goals for earning my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Phoenix include participating in classes four times a week as well as finishing assignments on time. A
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Unformatted text preview: deadline for these goals will be weekly. I plan to log onto the campus every night when I come home from work and try to post at least one or two sentences in the Discussion Boards. I also want to be able to learn something every week. When I come home at night, I try to read a chapter of reading material that is assigned in order to stay on track. A few short term goals for earning my Masters Degree include earning my Bachelor’s which I hope to achieve this year. I plan to take several community college classes for Forensic Sciences. In order to do this, I must enroll myself in weekend classes for computer forensics and other forensic classes....
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