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Student Survival Guide - S tudent Survival Guide Gen 105...

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Student Survival Guide Gen 105 Amy Croall April 24, 2011 In order to survive online classes and other various achievements in one's life and future, there are assured things that will be necessary to be absorbed. Some classes may change, but methods and deliverables do not. There are assets that will always be at hand, and there are methods that are learned in a multitude of classes. In order to ensure survival in classes and life, there are intuitions and information outlined below: Using Axia's Educational Resources It does not matter which institute or class one is in, they will always require a way of deciphering and gathering information. From a simple discussion question to a lengthy paper, there is a necessity to search for answers or obtain information for a subject. Axia provides an assortment of educational resources for each of their students. It may typically be challenging to obtain information save from scouring the internet, but with Axia's resources, it is simple to access various articles and information. The "My Learning Resources" tab on the home page is where most resources are accessible. Under "Tools and Tutorials", there are various alternatives, such as the Library or the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE). The library alternative is a typical online library. It is complete with a variety of databases that contain various types of articles contingent upon the necessity. There is also an alternative to scour texts that are "peer- reviewed", which indicates that the article has been previously reviewed by a professional. The CWE is a wonderful resource for any student as it analyzes a document for plagiarism and grammatical or spelling errors, However, there are also many tutorials and guides. Axia has many other multitudes of resources that are available to all students.
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Student Survival Guide - S tudent Survival Guide Gen 105...

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