Decisions 1 - Decisions Decisions in Paradise Adrienne...

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Decisions 1 Decisions in Paradise Adrienne Robinson MGT/350 May 16, 2011 Joseph Aguirre
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Decisions 2 As an employee for the American Red Cross, one knows that at any given moment one could be asked to go into an area to help recover, or restore the organizations name. In my short time with the company I never imagine that after only be out of school for two weeks I would be on my way to another country. The American Red Cross is a first responder to disasters and people in need. The mission of the Red Cross is to support quality aid and relief to victims in their time of need no matter their location. The mission is something that I believe in and this new job was the hands on training that was needed right after school. My first assignment was very unclear to me. My current boss just ran down company standards with the HR packet and gave me my flight arrangements to Kava. I had many issues with the arrangements and my current life situations however it was part of my dream and it was worth filling. I just recently gotten a dog, and started dating the love of my life. My puppy is un potty trained and I’m just reconnected to a long lost love. My job is sending me on a mission that they are unclear as what I’m going to do, the only information that I have is to whom I shall report to once I get to Kava. Faced with all of this Minnie dilemma’s at once with not enough time I need to prepare
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Decisions 1 - Decisions Decisions in Paradise Adrienne...

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