CH - CH 1(1 Define the connectivity It means to connect...

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CH. 1 (1) Define the connectivity ? It means to connect your microcomputer by telephone to other computers and sources of information anywhere. (2) What is the function of fax machines ? Convert the image into signals that can be sent over a telephone line to receiving machine. (3) Define the messaging systems ? Computer systems linked to telephones that convert the human voice into digital bits. (4) What is mean by Database ? and give examples ? Database is a collection of integrated data logically related files and records. Examples : 1) Tele shopping 2) Home banking 3) Investing 4) Travel reservations (5) Define the user interface ? Microcomputers require modems to send and receive messages over telephone line. (6) Compare between the modulation and demodulation ? Modulation : It is a process of converting from digital to analogue. Demodulation : It is a process of converting from analogue to digital.
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(7) What are the basic communications channels ? Explain ? 1- Telephone lines : most telephone lines that you see strung on poles consists of cable made up of hundreds of copper wires. 2- Coaxial cable : high frequency Transmission cable, replace the multiple wire of telephone lines with a signal solid copper core. 3- Fiber-optic cable : data is transmitted as pulses of light through tubes of glass optic cable has 26.000 times the transmission capacity of twisted pair. 4- Microwave " Wireless communication " In this communications channel the medium is the air itself. 5- Satellites : Satellites are used as microwave relay stations. What are the factors which affect on data transmission ? 1) Bandwidth 2) Serial versus parallel transmission 3) Direction of flow 4) Protocol 5) Modes of transmission Define the bandwidth and explain its types ? Bandwidth :
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CH - CH 1(1 Define the connectivity It means to connect...

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