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EX1 Review - Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and...

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Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and Criminal Procedure Test 1: Review Chapter 1: The law is merely a guideline for human behavior. The study of our justice system should be viewed as a cluster of ideas, principles, and values about which reasonable persons can and do disagree. Judicial opinions construe the constitutionality, meaning, and effect of constitutional and statutory provisions. Most individuals agree that the most basic goal of the criminal justice system is to protect society from crime. Criminal Justice professionals are generally oriented toward one or two opposite goals- law and order or individual rights. The pragmatic goals include the goal of preventing crime. Organizations have developed standards, which are detailed goals for improving the system. Although the criminal justice system is referred to as a system, it is more accurate to refer to it as a non system. Two important questions regarding the burden of proof in criminal proceedings are: who has the burden for providing an issue? And what is the magnitude of the burden? The code of Hammurabi is considered one the first-know attempts to establish a written code of conduct. Most of our criminal law concepts and principles originated in the common law of England. Today the criminal laws of the states are largely the result of legislative action. The Magna Charta is considered the forerunner of the present due process rights. The Court system in the United States is based upon the principle of federalism. A dual system of state and federal courts exists today. Appellate jurisdiction is reserved for courts that hear appeals from both limited and general jurisdiction courts. In many states, the appeals from minor courts are heard de novo. The Judiciary Act of 1789 created the U.S. Supreme Court and established district and
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EX1 Review - Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and...

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